Living by nature

One of the most important aspects that people take into consideration when they are looking for a new place to live, is comfort, design and nature. Not only does Romanescu Park Residence meets all the criteria but it’s also located in one of the most beautiful parts of Craiova.


Romanescu Park Residence is located just a few steps from the park. You will have all the facilities of a complete residential compound, but also the benefits of living so close to nature. Each morning will begin with a coffee in the sound of the birds, and each evening will end with a spectacular sunset. Our address is: Craiova, 2nd, Dimitrie Cantemir street

Construction phases:

The project will have 4 construction phases and it will include 4 levels + ground floor buildings.
Romanescu Park Residence will include 14 buildings that meet all the requirements of a modern neighborhood, such as parking spaces, green areas, playgrounds for the little ones or recreational areas.
This special project has found its inspiration in the middle of nature, from the simple design to the strong structure, from the natural materials to the building names.
Romanescu Park Residence will have 4 development phases, the buildings having a height of ground-floor + 4 floors, every building has its own elevator.

First phase

Building Stejar

Building Frasin

Building Tei

Building Arțar

Clădire Bonsai

Clădire Eucalipt

Clădire Smochin

Clădire Castan

Apartment types:
  • Romanescu Park Residence includes 7 types of apartments with 2 or 3 rooms.
  • You can choose an apartment with a generous balcony or open living room for all the activities you plan for yourself and your family: game evenings, movie marathons, sun-lit gardening or just quiet tea party on Sundays, enjoying the stunning view.
  • If you want every member of your family to enjoy some intimacy, a more spacious apartment is perfect for that! In Romanescu Park Residence you will have options with enough space for everyone and, moreover, with generous space for the moments you want to spend together.
  • No matter the apartment you chose for your family from our project, be sure that all apartments follow the same high standards of quality, safety and aesthetics. The most important aspects that we took into consideration when we decided to build Romanescu Park Residence were the most important aspects that the people in Craiova sought for in a residential compound:
  • Privileged location, close to the city center but also to nature;
  • Premium quality finishes;
  • Specially arranged parking space for residents and visitors;
  • Playgrounds for children;
  • Green spaces, properly arranged and cared for;
  • Shared public transport very close (in front of the compound, Potelu street).

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